The water-permeable asphalt that lets rain enter the groundwater.


Revolutionary asphalt that allows water to pass through

Drainphalt is an innovative asphalt specially made for paving car parks, driveways, and roadways around buildings. Because the asphalt pavement is water-permeable, the construction of buffers and drainage is unnecessary. The rainwater is conducted through the asphalt itself, so that it gradually seeps into the groundwater. This makes Drainphalt the perfect solution for a well-known environmental problem: 14% of all surfaces in Belgium are paved but not water-permeable, which means that our continuous asphalting of Belgium is reducing our groundwater level.

water test proof

Drainphalt passes the water test

For years now, we have been experiencing flooding in Belgium because too much surface water flows into our sewers and drains too quickly. That’s why passing the water test is one of the requirements for obtaining an urban development permit. It states that when you want to pave a surface, you must ensure a sufficient infiltration capacity into the soil. Drainphalt is an asphalt that has been specially developed to pass the water test.

draining capability

A buffer that saves money and space

Drainphalt’s draining capability ensures that you not only save costs but space as well. The asphalt temporarily stores the rainwater before it is released into the soil. So, when you choose this innovative asphalt, you do not have to install sewers, water channels, drain grates, storage tanks, buffer basins, or trenches. This makes laying Drainphalt easier compared to other asphalts.


Environmentally-friendly and more pleasant to work with

The Drainphalt asphalt mix is produced at a lower temperature, so that less energy is used and less CO2 is released. This means that you can lay it at a lower temperature too, which makes working with it much more pleasant for our road workers. In short, Drainphalt offers nothing but advantages!

Drainphalt test

1 month of rainfall all at once

Good for the environment and for the road workers.

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